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The only software for Recurring Work and Tasks On-Site

Omnicare is the only cloud-based task management and on-site verification app for enterprises. With Omnicare team management software you have full visibility and control over your team’s tasks, available on your browser 24/7.

how it works

1 - schedule your team's recurring tasks

Powerful and flexible schedule! Plan and define agenda rules once and tasks will be generated every day for your teams. Your team has access to their work calendar through the mobile app and is able to check pending and executed tasks.

2 - track on-site tasks with nfc

Allows quick and simple access to each employee's agenda to monitor tasks with NFC control. To make sure your team completed the task they scan the on-site NFC tag using their smartphone, which reduces the number of data entries!

With Offline mode, the app works without internet connection. Automatically synchronize data when it comes online, without user intervention.

3 - access real time reporting

Access detailed information in real time with all your team's tasks (completed and missed) filtered per individual or team, with date, time, and location. Download PDF reports and print.

Applies to various sectors: Healthcare, Food industry and Restaurants, Transports, Public and Commercial Spaces.

For all kinds of recurring tasks: Control and Measure Points, Equipment Maintenance, Healthcare and Medication, HACCP Control and Measure Points, Inspection Points, Technical Cleaning and Security Rounds

the app that Makes A difference

Facilitate, organize and improve the daily tasks that your employees have to make.

Time-saving as activities are scheduled and automatically replayed.

Records made by the employees in a practical and intuitive way.

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